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The God Particle Bible explains the most important recent scientific discovery in history to anyone who is not
a Scientist how the smallest thing in the universe actually impacts their lives every second of every day in the

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The God Particle was uncovered and described in 2012 by Scientists using the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva Switzerland, the single most expensive and important scientific apparatus in history.  

What their own discovery means to us ordinary living beings, who are bombarded by these tiniest of particles by the trillions every second, remains a mystery to them, and since most of them are Atheists, they would not ascribe the discovery of God's Particles to God himself and instead like to pin it on their over-all understanding of the universe in that it's just an accident.

This Author believes fervently that what they uncovered, by peering down into the smallest known energies in the universe, was the true Nature of God, The Force, that God uses to disseminate his will all over the universe, and that it was intentional that we uncover this the greatest of Forces, the progenitor of everything else, the stuff that all things are made of, at this time, because we have come to a crossroads in our Evolution, where we will either use our knowledge to destroy ourselves or start down the path of our true destiny, to be part of God's amazing universe as his partners in the growth of consciousness and the highest and best use of it.

If you buy this book, it should be with the most solemn agreement that, upon your own discovery of these most important forces in the universe, where it comes from and how it emanates out from your body and soul to impact others, that you will use this Force for Good and not Evil.

The God Particle or the Higgs boson had been predicted for over fifty years as something that must exist in Nature as an explanation as to why or how the smallest most energetic things in the universe, the subatomic particles have 'mass'.  Finally discovered in 2012 by the scientists using the most expensive and most complex scientific apparatus in history - the Large Hadron Collider administered by CERN in Geneva, Switzerland - the God Particle is now a proven entity that gives everything its mass or weight. If you don't have mass at this level of the universe, there is no attraction between particles and therefore atoms cannot form, thus molecules cannot form, thus stars cannot form, nor can galaxies, planets,nor anything resembling any part of the universe that we're familiar with today, not even us.  Everything depends on these tiniest of little particles, or more precisely, the God Particle Field for the universe to exist at all.  Without them, everything would be a gigantic energy soup.

But by far and away, however, for this author the most interesting of all - is that these particles had to have been created in the first opening seconds of the Big Bang in order for everything else to come into being. This makes the name of these particles particularly appropriate, because they are, in fact, the way that God or whatever created the universe - shapes his universe, and this means that it must be constantly updated to carry the main messages of God's will every milifraction of every milisecond.  For, without this field being maintained everywhere the entire universe would collapse from a lack of the force of attraction.  Once we realize this now-proven scientific fact, and add to this known fact, other known Science that defines the Laws of Probability we begin to see our lives as events compiled out of these countless sub-atomic events taking place everywhere, all at the same time, all coming from the same source. 


Hear the Word while you drive or walk around.

In the Original Bible - we're told about God's miracles in a tiny part of the Middle East
no bigger than Rhode Island. In the God Particle Bible we're told about God's miracles
Which Bible do you think will have the greatest impact on your life and the lives
of your children?

On July 4th 2012, Scientists in Geneva Switzerland announced the discovery of the
Higg's boson, or more aptly named - The God Particle and so named because it is
the FIRST part of the Universe that was created in the opening seconds of The Big Bang
and it is also known to be the major building block of every other subatomic particle
and therefore, in control of all of what we know as our 'Fate' or 'Destiny'.  Can you
 really afford to ignore this most important information?

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The Force in Star Wars is actually the God Particle Field.  In this break-out book, we uncover the mathematical formula for where The Force exists and how to use it - but NOT in a Galaxy far far away, but right here in our own galaxy and on our own planet Earth.

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